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Happy new year Merry Christmas


 Fatal Frame 3 short review

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Fatal Frame 3 short review Empty
PostSubject: Fatal Frame 3 short review   Fatal Frame 3 short review EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 12:20 pm

Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented

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Type: horror/action/adventure

Console: PlayStation 2

Available on the market in two versions Japanese and America

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Rei Kurosawa,
23-year-old. Professional photographer. She had to go because of her work to a Japanese House haunted and old. While taking pictures of the place. The last picture was taken her fiance who was died because of the accident appeared on the picture. And after that vision she had nightmares and dreams and see herself on an old Japanese House front door, and it is snowing

Rei Kurosawa was Living in her house with ' Mico '. And in the past with her fiance but he is dead now.
After the Apocalypse in this old House she started to had nightmares and feel her fiance and see ghosts also on her house. And that she is hunted by woman and see the ancient rituals.  

Miku Hinasaki

champion of the first part of the series. The 17-year-old, lives with Rei and help them too. And her brother has disappeared ' mavoio ' ... And with Over time, she started having the same dreams where she visite the old house and sees her brother is also in that place.

Kei Amakura
niece of Mio Amakura. After the death of Mayu in the village and its transformation to the butterfly  Mio dissapear also so her uncle start to look for her, but but kei will see Mio in dreams looking for a lost sister.
][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

This game is one of the most amazing game you will ever play..
It will make you have nightmares and afraid to set alone on your home

Hope you like my review
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Fatal Frame 3 short review
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